Why have a website?

With the increase in mobile device technology with the ever increasing use of smartphones and tablets we now have instant access to the internet, more and more consumers are searching online to locate the products or services they require. The need for an attractive market driven online presence is more important than ever to communicate with your customers.

What a website needs to be

Your website needs to be a cost effective business tool – for informing, communicating, selling and marketing to existing and potential customers. It is essential that you have a well designed, professional website which showcases your business at its best. It is important that the site is customer friendly, market driven and tells the story of your business.

What we do

get to know your marketplace, goals and brand identity this allows us to deliver a website that is bespoke to your marketplace and business needs whilst giving your customer an excellent experience bringing them back time and time again.



Our responsive design service makes sure your website look good on any device.

What is mobile responsive

Mobile responsive design is where regardless of device the being used to browse the website will always look at its best as it will adjust according to the device being used whether that be an android or IOS device, smartphone or tablet your website will always allow the best user experience.

Why responsive design

There has been a huge shift over the past few years in mobile technology with online browsing using a mobile device browsing becoming the medium of choice this is due to the instant access any time any where mobile browsing allows. Search engines are also incorporating mobile friendliness into their rankings so therefore ensuring your website is responsive is essential.

What we do

E-telegence has huge experience in mobile friendly design and have been designing sites with this feature for a few years, we pride ourselves on keeping ahead of the trends in web design and foresaw the impact mobile responsive design would have. We take mobile design into consideration at the very beginning of the concept ensuring transition and design on all devices are exceptional ensuring excellent user experience.

More Traffic - More Enquiries - More Sales

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