Hosted E-Scorm Player

We offer a hosted solution that allows your company to rapidly deploy SCORM compliant e-learning. Many clients only need to run one or two courses a year and simply can’t justify the cost of implementing a full Learning Management System.

Typical uses would be pre-training analysis to facilitate the delivery of online coursework with a detailed assessment. E-Scorm Player is a fully functioning Scorm player, which allows analysis of every question asked and answered. Many Scorm players can deliver only basic Scorm quizzes which output only the most basic of answers such as pass and fail and overall score – but E-telegence’s hosted E-Scorm player has much more advanced functionality and feedback.

he only field that a Scorm course can use to store arbitrary data (results to individual questions) is cmi.suspend_data. This field is a single string of data and its contents and behaviour is left up to the course authors. We use this field to store any non-standard feedback and progress information. The way to store all the feedback information in a single string is again up to us. For example, we can store user feedback on a multiple-choice quiz as.

Using this approach means that the hosted E-Scorm Player will know how to interpret the suspend_data field. As the back-end of our hosted solution allows the export of the Suspend Field to Excel, this allows training managers to analyse the actual results and not just the top line score.

E-Scorm Player API:

Many companies have traditional Learning Management Systems that are not Scorm Compliant – but using our API it is possible to integrate your LMS with our Scorm complaint player.

The API works by passing session data between the two systems. Typically the client needs to develop a place to launch the course and somewhere to store the results passed back from our system.

Scorm Compliant Course Development

Our skilled team of course authors can provide feature rich e-learning Scorm compliant courses. There are many free tools on the market that allow end users to create simple flash based e-learning. However, these types of tools do not allow for the creation of complex e-learning, such as being able to tell if a user actually watched a video embedded in the course or adding scores together from multiple sco’s to give an overall result. Even more importantly all of our courses can make use of the cmi data suspend field allowing individual answers to questions to be passed back to the LMS.